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Donna Karan | SS15 || posted by haute-vanity


Donna Karan | SS15 || posted by haute-vanity

❝ Anonymous asked: I love your au idea where Pitch goes to the moon!!!!

Thank you! I’m quite a fan of that one myself :3 I really hope I find time to write it at some point… I don’t know if I’d write it from Pitch or Jack’s pov. Probably Jack’s, because I find him much easier to write, but at the same time it would be so much fun to write it from Pitch’s pov, to see him charmed by and then falling for this mischievous young prince who is more interested in leaping over the roofs than taking part in political discussions. 

❝ Anonymous asked: Do you plan making a thing about the Moon King and the Moon queen's story? I hate the Moon king for his treatment of Jack, but also feels sorry for him a bit to be honest.

There are definitely reasons for the way he treats Jack, and it would be interesting to go deeper into that, and the story of the king and queen would be part of that. It would be interesting, too, to see the moon queen ‘in person’ rather than just hearing about her from other characters. As for whether I’ll get around to it… Well, I’ll put it on the to do list :)

raiinfaiiry replied to your post “Will we ever find out Jack’s mother’s name?”

Oh gosh write that story.

I really want to! It would be quite lovely - the politics would be less fraught than they are in THWoD and of course the queen loves her son dearly and wants him to be happy… Even if it is with the nightmare king. It would be so sweet <3

blooper-boy replied to your post “blooper-boy replied to your post “Will we ever find out Jack’s…”

Heh heh, fair enough. Maybe just, keep that folder of ideas near the front for when you finish something else.

Most definitely :D I’ll be starting to work a 4-day week next month (as opposed to working full time) so I’ll hopefully have a bit more time. 

blooper-boy replied to your post “Will we ever find out Jack’s mother’s name?”

Speaking of AUs, are you going to ever do more of the reverse fic where Pitch got sent up to the moon as Jacks courtesan? I liked that. I REALLY liked that.

Ahh, thank you! I really want to… It’s just a matter of having time for it. But I have ideas! Lots of them. Like Pitch in courtesan outfits. Corsets. Slinky black robes. Silks and satins and-

Uh, I mean, since he’s older and savvier than Jack, especially in political terms, he could be a great help for Jack in sorting out the mess that is politics in Lunanoff. 

Yes. That’s totally what I meant. 


Detail, fromJean Paul Gaultier Fall 2012 Haute Couture collection 


Detail, from
Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2012 Haute Couture collection 

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